Drinking abuse can lead to alcohol dependency and addiction, both of which can threaten your life. The best solution comes from the alcohol rehab centers in New Hampshire, where The Riverbank House helps men escape the clutches of alcohol. Our goal is to support your recuperation to a healthier and more functional, alcohol-free existence.

What is the 28-day rehab treatment?

In the past, the major insurance companies said that 28 days was sufficient time for addicts to recover from substance abuse issues. While we offer this option for any patient with mild addiction coming to our doorstep, we’ll recommend you stick to our long-term treatment. The scientific community has devised a new model of rehab for addicts, one that lasts at least 90 days.

This ensures that your treatment receives the utmost attention and that we can be as thorough as possible. It also enables you to undergo a much more stable and relaxing treatment because you have more time to adapt. Adaptation to an alcohol-free life where you have to prevent relapsing is not easy, and it requires plenty of time to get used to.

Dependency and addiction

They are interrelated and linked, but they are not the same. The treatment is also not identical, but rather it requires two separate procedures. For alcohol dependence, the primary treatment lies in the detox process that purifies your body. Through it, we ensure that your body contains no alcohol so that we can work on healing the physical abnormalities.

With the withdrawal symptoms out of the way, we can focus on the core of the issue – the addiction itself. It stems from a psychological attachment to alcohol as a provider of pleasure. This is where alcohol cravings appear from, and also where the risks of a relapse lie. If we’d only deal with dependency, but we left addiction untouched, relapsing would be only a matter of time.

Community-based support

With the SOLO NO MORE program, we help our patients find a purpose in life and rediscover their passions once more. We aim to support their emergence from the harrowing experience of isolation and grief, desperation, and anxiety. Through the alcohol rehab centers in New Hampshire, we want to create a comfortable and welcoming treatment environment where patients feel renewed.

This is what the SOLO NO MORE program contains:

  • A way to escape isolation, boredom, and anxiety
  • A way to heal the affected dopamine receptors
  • A coping mechanism against stress
  • A stable mood and emotional regulation programs
  • Motivation, hope, and a healthier mindset
  • A natural way to replace alcohol-related behaviors with other, more constructive ones

What is an efficient rehab treatment?

Only a personalized, long-term care treatment is efficient enough to help addicts recover. The alcohol rehab centers in New Hampshire bring you the solution you’ve been waiting for. We have extensive, integrated, and comprehensive rehab solutions for all men suffering from alcohol addiction.

Come to The Riverbank House, and start your recovery journey at one of the best addiction communities in the area. Regardless of your condition, we will bring you back from desperation and hopelessness.

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