If you’re in need of urgent rehab assistance, contact us, at Alcohol Sober Center as soon as possible! Substance addiction is a serious matter; one that will systematically destroy your life over time. You need more than willpower to break withdrawal, recover safely, and prevent the relapse.

What you need is to join a high-end, reliable rehab program, where you’ll get top treatment with long-lasting results. The ideal drug and alcohol detox center will provide you with:

Clinical detoxification

In most cases, the detox process lasts around 14 days. In other, more severe situations, patients need long-term medication to cope with their problem. Some of the goals of the detox program include:

  • Contain your cravings
  • Rebalance your behavior
  • Cleanse your body of any toxins and harmful chemicals
  • Restore your chemical balance in the nervous system
  • Eliminate withdrawal
  • Prevent the short-term relapse

To increase its effectiveness, it’s vital first to undergo a detailed diagnosis first. It will allow the experts to identify your medical profile and determine the optimal course of action. After that, the detox treatment will do its job to the point, stabilizing your behavior, and restoring your confidence and mental functioning.

Advanced psychotherapies

Medication alone doesn’t suffice when it comes to long-term rehabilitation. Without any proper psychological support, the patient will relapse soon after the completion of the program. This is why you should always opt for rehab facilities that provide you with comprehensive psychological support.

When it comes to long-term effectiveness, behavioral therapies are a must. Both alcohol and drugs will affect your cognitive abilities and will cause severe emotional imbalances. The purpose of psychotherapies is to restore your normal functioning fast. The benefits are plenty:

  • Becoming more determined and confident
  • Able to control your emotions better
  • Acknowledge your mistakes and show determination to better yourself
  • Develop a more stable behavior
  • Adopt positive thoughts and feelings and discard the negative ones, etc.

In the end, the final goal is to change your perspective on life itself. Many victims of substance addiction have fallen victim to despair, depression, and negativity. We want to revive the hope in the souls of those in need and help them experience the beauty of life beyond drugs.

Long-term aftercare

Since substance addiction is currently incurable, it’s safe to say you’ll be battling with it your entire life. Our purpose is to make your fight easier. The ideal rehabilitation facility will provide you with extensive aftercare support and a strong relapse prevention strategy.

The underlying goal of any reliable rehab program is to restore your physical, mental, emotional, and social functioning. An effective aftercare program includes education, family counseling, live advice, and professional assistance all the way through. We’re talking about a drug and alcohol detox center where you will receive a life experience on top of the medical treatment.

If you wish to know more about Alcohol Sober Center, contact us today, and tell us more about yourself! We’ll gladly walk you through your options, depending on your expectations and possibilities.

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