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Bloom Recovery is a highly sought-after halfway house with hundreds of positive reviews and the lowest relapse rates. Ranked among the top sober livings in Thousand Oaks, our facility acts as a spiritual oasis for those looking for a structured environment after residential treatment.

When to move into a sober living home?

Ideally, you can consider moving into a sober living home after staying at an inpatient rehab. If you find the outside environment triggering or stressful or feel bombarded by cravings after rehab treatment, joining our recovery homes can help you remain clean and sober. Staying at our halfway homes can help you learn a lot of valuable skills and tools in your recovery and provide you with an opportunity to find new friends battling similar issues in life as you.

Individuals usually stay at a sober living for three months. However, you can remain there as long as you want or until you feel safe and confident on your own in the real world. Listed among the top sober living homes in every halfway house directory, we have helped several recovering addicts rebuild their lives and start fresh after rehab treatment.

Benefits of joining a sober living home

Sober living homes act as bridges between inpatient treatment and the outside world and helps you have a seamless transition from a structured environment to your everyday life. Some of the benefits of joining a sober living home are:

  • It provides you with a structured framework, creates a routine to keep you occupied, and prevents you from experiencing negative feelings or emotions.
  • The people you meet at sober living homes and the bonds you build with them will help you stay clean after rehab treatment. While recovery is a long-term commitment, healing in sober fellowship can make your journey easier and more pleasant.
  • Sober living homes provide the time and opportunity to re-establish your life. From making amends with loved ones, family members, and friends to finding a new job and gaining financial independence, sober living provides you with a safe and supportive space to rebuild your life.

If you have relapsed after treatment in the past, you must join a sober living home to prevent such accidents this time around. Renowned as one of the affordable aftercare centers, our facility encompasses state-of-the-art amenities and the best staff members in Thousand Oaks.

How much does it cost to live in a sober house?

The cost of staying in a halfway house can vary depending upon the size of the facility, the amenities they offer, the addiction care and support services they provide, and several other factors. Residents at a sober living pay a monthly rent, ranging from $450 to $750 per month.

Most halfway homes do not charge you for utilities. But you will have to use them responsibly, or you can get into trouble.

Get in touch with us at 805-248-3473 / 818-462-1910 to learn more about Bloom Recovery. Rated as one of the best sober livings in Thousand Oaks, we offer more than just room and board. We have highly talented and creative on-site chefs to cook nutritious and sumptuous meals for our residents, keeping them physically and mentally fit for a healthy and sober life.

sober livings in Thousand Oaks

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