Treatment center - Help for troubled young adults

We transform the lives of teens and adult children suffering from emotional, clinical, behavioral, and addiction issues.
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The Benchmark Transitions Young Adult Program

We are a residential treatment center for older teens and young adults, providing transitional care individualized to each client’s unique goals. Our program is an ideal option for young adult children needing immediate primary treatment, as well as for those who are “stuck” with substance abuse, behavioral health and failure to launch issues.

Our program goes beyond the clinical treatment, behavioral health therapy and addiction recovery of the typical residential treatment center. We also provide educational, vocational and life skills support to help your teenager or young adult child develop into a healthy, focused man or woman.

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Help! My child is at risk.

Alcohol addiction or drug dependency? Emotional development or behavioral issues? A “problem child” unable to grow up? If your child’s future is at risk, we provide the support for their recovery. We’re driven to assist your son or daughter to become healthy, centered and independent.

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Why choose Benchmark?

We’re one of the longest running transitional living programs specifically treating troubled teens and at-risk young adults with emotional, behavioral, and alcohol or drug addiction issues. 

We have over 21 years’ experience in helping adult children recover their health, regain their family relationships, focus on new friends, and develop independence in a sober, supportive environment. 

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We’re family too - and we understand

Family owned and operated in California since 1993, we are parents, sons and daughters who understand the mental, emotional and psychological depression that a difficult or troubled kid can bring. Often parents feel like failures as their child gains an age of independence but still clings to dependency. Whether it’s alcohol/drug issues or emotional/behavioral difficulties, they’re at risk of dropping out of life. We provide the counseling, assistance and support to help them not only recover, but focus on a positive, meaningful future.

We accept health insurance

To verify your insurance benefits, complete the online Verification of Benefits form. Or download the pdf below and submit via secure fax 909-793-4499 or email

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