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    Family Support at Benchmark Transitions

    At Benchmark Transitions, we value the importance of family participation in their loved one’s treatment journey. That’s why our services extend beyond just the patient- we offer resources to the family members as well. From the beginning of recovery until well after completion of initial treatment, our services are designed to meet the holistic needs of the entire family.

    Each family member is encouraged to embark on their own personal healing journey and come together as a team in support of their loved one. It’s crucial for families to have a deep understanding of our care process and the nature of addiction, to prepare themselves when their loved one returns home. Let our caring team guide you through this process.

    How Rehab Extends to the Families

    We understand that the recovery process can be a difficult experience for everyone, so we provide family support groups to create an emotional safe space for families. We also connect them with specialized counselors and therapists who will develop an individual plan tailored to meet their family’s needs. With our resources and experienced staff, we are committed to helping you build a strong support system and create a safe environment at home. 

    Our team is dedicated to providing each family with the tools they need to successfully navigate their journey of recovery. We provide educational webinars, online groups, virtual meetings, and other support programs that can help teach families the skills needed for effective communication. Together we offer education and resources that empower families to make informed decisions. 

    We also provide family-centered activities and other recreational outlets for parents and children alike, to help them connect with each other in meaningful ways. Our hope is that these experiences create a positive impact on the family unit, helping them stay connected and build stronger bonds throughout their recovery process.  


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