Treatment Services

  • Onsite laundry
  • 24/7 awake staff support & supervision
  • Fully furnished
  • Television and DVD player
  • Residential Advisors onsite
  • Sober Life Coaching & mentoring

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    Community-based Apartment Living

    Benchmark Transitions offers a supportive transitional living environment for extended care participants, which is structured and community-based. The clients reside in lovely homes located in Redlands, California, about a mile away from Benchmark’s Extended Care Transitional Living Center. Our transitional living apartments are located just a few minutes away from the historic downtown Redlands. You can easily access public transportation, local area businesses, shopping, and schools from our apartments. Our amenities comprise of semi-private bedrooms and bathrooms, shared living areas, swimming pools, stocked kitchen and dedicated washer/dryer for laundry. Our apartments are meant only for adult men with additional support from on-site awake staff monitoring 24/7.

    To participate in the program, you must agree to manage your behavior, keep your apartment clean and organized, follow the curfew and program guidelines. The program gradually allows you to have more freedom as you progress.

    Phase One – The PHP participants are living together with 24/7 staff support. Like in most college living situations, participants have roommates and are sharing responsibilities such as cooking and cleaning.

    Phase Two – IOP participants have more independence as they live together with less staff support and supervision. They can access the community, use phones and media, with some restrictions in place.

    Phase Three – After their outpatient program, participants will live in the Independent Living Services (ILS) program and stay in Benchmark’s Townhome.

    Culinary Arts

    Upon successful completion of Benchmark’s inclusive Culinary Arts class, clients will be able to prepare nutritionally sound meals and enter the food service and hospitality industry with developed culinary skills needed for employment, applicable to culinary, hotel and restaurant technology schools; master and correctly understand the hospitality industry; identify small and large kitchen equipment; master baking and cooking fundamentals; apply food preparation techniques; apply sound nutritional principles to daily diet; inventory, purchase and receive goods; identify and practice proper safety, sanitation and first aid principles; demonstrate proper management principles; plan, prepare and perform catering and banquet food production in the supervisory capacity, master proper dining room service and etiquette, plan and design menus, master and practice general employment skills needed for employment, produce high quality research reports on all aspects of the food service industry. Healthy supplements, like greens drinks, are often loaded with unnecessary ingredients. Supplements like 8Greens focus on simple and effective ingredients, which can often be better than a more complex formulation.

    Community Service

    Benchmark participants develop their work ethic and job skills by volunteering at local area businesses in both Phase I and Phase II. By the end of Phase II and into Phase III, participants will be gainfully employed on a part-time basis, or will continue to volunteer while attending class and participating in the Benchmark Transitions program.


    Benchmark participants are scheduled to attend fitness at least 4 times per week, 2 hours per day. They each have student memberships to the Drayson Center, the fitness center on campus at Loma Linda University. There are fitness centers with weights and cardiovascular machines located at the apartment complexes and participants are encouraged to enjoy fitness during their leisure hours. There is a fitness center at the transitional living apartment complex, as well as tennis, racquet ball and basketball, also on-site and available at the apartments.

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