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    What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

    Dialectical behavior therapy is based on the belief that people can be their own best resource in overcoming problems. It focuses on helping people learn and practice skills that will help them manage emotions, regulate behavior, and interact with others more effectively.

    Studies have demonstrated that dialectical behavior therapy is a successful treatment for borderline personality disorder and related problems including substance abuse treatment. In addition, dialectical behavior therapy has been used successfully to reduce symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and depression.

    The Primary Elements of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

    Individual therapy sessions are a common part of dialectical behavior therapy. Additionally, clients usually attend weekly group skills training sessions and have regular meetings with a therapist. This approach can be beneficial for those dealing with a range of issues such as borderline personality disorder, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and others.

    Individual Therapy

    Most people think of individual therapy sessions when they hear about DBT. These sessions aim to increase clients’ self-acceptance and motivation and teach them how to use the skills they learn in real-life situations outside of the therapy setting.

    Skills Training

    DBT’s skills training sessions aim to teach clients practical behavioral skills through a classroom-like setting led by a clinician. Clients receive homework assignments to practice these skills in their daily lives.

    Consultation Team

    Consultation meetings between clinicians are meant to help therapists providing DBT services stay motivated and competent while working with individuals facing severe and difficult disorders.

    Finding Dialectical Behavior Therapy Near Me

    If you or a loved one are struggling with a mental health disorder or substance abuse problem, you might consider finding a DBT therapist in your area to receive help from.

    Benchmark Transitions offers outpatient DBT therapy with a team of experienced and knowledgeable mental health professionals in both the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Our staff is dedicated to providing individualized treatment plans for each client, focusing on their unique needs and goals. Through our comprehensive DBT program, we help empower individuals to make lasting positive changes in their lives.

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