Substance Abuse Treatment for Young Adults. Addiction Recovery.

Recovery by Benchmark® is the treatment services option designed for young adults and older teenagers struggling with substance use, alcohol addiction, chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. Our rehab for young adults compliments the traditional approach to primary residential treatment by providing a full continuum of long-term extended care and aftercare.

Benchmark’s comprehensive model includes primary rehab for addiction and chemical dependent recovery, and incorporates therapeutic services such as individual therapy, group therapy and psychiatric medication management, as well as valuable life skills, educational and vocational programs – which provide the foundation for sobriety and support for dual diagnoses.

Alcohol Addiction & Drug Rehab in California - Young Adults & Teens Ages 18 to 28

Benchmark’s program is evidence-based, providing clients with a more comprehensive approach proven most effective in supporting long term recovery from substance use.

Primary Areas of Focus Include:

Early RecoveryRelational support
Living Sober EducationProblem solving skills
Relapse PreventionNutritional guidance
Life SkillsHealthy self-care practices
Education & Career goal settingIntegrating new skills & behaviors into daily life

alcohol and drug addiction recovery

Rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, addiction, and relapse

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