Benchmark Behavioral Health Treatment Options

Personal Growth Through Behavioral and Mental Health

For our young adult clients who have had limited or no use of drugs and/or alcohol, but who have had a complex history of behavioral challenges and mental health clinical diagnoses, we offer the Benchmark Transitions Behavioral Health program. This mental health curriculum assists the young adult to gain appropriate coping mechanisms and build strategies to best manage their mental health.

The Behavioral Health program provides young adults with the opportunity to take a daily emotional inventory and help objectively evaluate their current thought patterns, habits and behavioral strategies, identify and strategize ways to manage their anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, self-esteem, shame, perfectionism and gain a better understanding of themselves.

Behavioral Health Highlights:


Our Cyber Wellness groups address the hidden and potential dangers of internet gaming, social media challenges and pornography and provides the tools for young adults to recognizing healthy outlets and alternatives.

Addressing topics such as forgiveness, co-dependence, and other social concerns is a core component of our social development and positive peer groups.

We also address executive functioning through our supportive and highly structured schedule of therapeutic programs, activities and accountability.

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