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Despite their best efforts and intentions, the parent and family who seeks to place their adult child in our program has come to the realization that assistance is vitally necessary. We strongly believe that with support from parents, family and friends, participants are more likely to successfully complete our program. In turn, they will reach their own level of independence and the rewards associated with that process.

We won’t give up if you don’t give up.

To bridge this transition, Benchmark provides the parent with family therapy and weekly parent updates designed to support parents as they adjust to Benchmark’s curriculum of mental health wellness, education, work skills and independent living.

Benchmark’s expert and caring clinicians provide tools to help the parent shift techniques so that the family can gain confidence in their communications with their young adult in program. It is our goal to provide both the young adult and the family with all the tools necessary to make transitioning into adulthood a successful reality.

As participants bring closure to their adolescence and emerge into adulthood through their process at Benchmark, family relationships are positively enhanced. Whether your child needs an educational or vocational program; a behavioral health or substance abuse and after care program or they just need to grow up and learn necessary life skills, we can provide comprehensive emotional growth and structured environment for them to succeed. And we keep you, the parent, involved every step of the way.

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