Young Adult Treatment and Counseling Services

Congratulations – you recognize there is a problem in your life. The first step toward achieving your goal of self-reliance is to acknowledge you need help to change. We’ll assess your situation and provide the exact treatment and counseling services needed to get you from at risk to back on track. 

We are proud of the wide range of support services available to our program participants, and are confident that you will find all the tools needed to help build a brighter future.

Individualized treatment plans

Our treatment team creates therapeutic programs specifically to meet the needs of our young adult clients, helping them regain a healthy and functional balance.

Therapeutic Services


Behavioral and Mental Health

Personal growth strategies

We provide the coping mechanisms and strategies for young adult men to best manage their mental health and gain a better understanding of themselves.

Addiction & dependency recovery

Our rehab for young adults compliments the traditional approach to treatment by providing a full continuum of long-term extended care and aftercare.

Recovery by Benchmark


Life Skills

Skills for your life

We provide a broad range of real-world skills and support necessary to succeed in life as an adult, setting us apart from other programs.

Your education matters

Both traditional and non-traditional learners have many options, including our high school, college, vocational education and occupational programs.

Education & Career Opportunities

Family Program

Succeeding together

Benchmark provides, at no additional cost, a five-part series of Parent Coaching calls to parents, keeping them involved every step of the way in their child’s progress.

Music Therapy Rehab

Write and record original songs and bond with one another through the healing power of music. No musical experience is necessary!

Rock to Recovery™

music therapy rehab

Equine Therapy

oso handpaint
Horsemanship Program

With Equine Assisted Therapy at Benchmark Transitions Residential Treatment Center, Wildwood Canyon, the horse is an active part of the client’s treatment team!

Moving to independence and health

Benchmark provides a structured sober independent living environment for young adults as they transition out of Benchmark’s Residential and Transitional Living Extended Care programs.

Independent Living Services


Extended Care Treatment

Getting on the right track

We offer effective, award winning step-down transition programs for clients completing our Primary Residential Program, as well as for young adults transferring from other primary treatment programs.

Providing a fresh start

Typically the first step of addiction and dependency intervention, detoxing with Benchmark is more comfortable in our home-like and peer group supportive living environment with trained and experienced staff.

Young Adult Detox Treatment

detox for young adult drug alcohol addict

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