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Addiction treatment. Behavioral and mental health support. Developing independent living skills.

Treatment Program Assisting Young Adults & Older Teens

Benchmark Transitions® is a residential and extended care treatment program providing help for older teens and young adults to attain sobriety, achieve emotional balance and gain independent living skills. We are a California licensed residential treatment center providing primary care, detox, day treatment program (PHP), intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) and extended care with structured transitional and sober living.

We provide a continuum of care for our clients. Beginning with primary care and transitioning through the step-down process, clients’ needs are answered during every step of their treatment program. Our extended care for young adults has over 23 years’ experience in assisting young men and women exiting other treatment programs, wilderness therapy, hospitalization & stabilization units, and for adolescents aging out of therapeutic boarding schools.

Benchmark is also an ideal option for young men and women who are “stuck” at home lacking the skills to launch into autonomy. Additionally, we offer assistance through an accredited high school and academic support for clients who want to complete their education or pursue their vocational goals.

We customize your treatment program suitable to the level of care help that you need.

Our Individualized Treatment Program Support Options:

Young Adult Detox Treatment

detox for young adult drug alcohol addict
Providing a fresh start

Typically the first step of addiction and dependency intervention, detoxing with Benchmark is more comfortable in our home-like and peer group supportive living environment with trained and experienced staff.

The comforts of home

Discover our primary residential treatment for young adults and their families! Wildwood Canyon – young adult men’s primary rehab, and Panorama Ridge – young adult women’s primary rehab.

Primary Residential Treatment Program

residential treatment home for men California

Extended Care Treatment

extended care for young adults
Getting on the right track

We offer effective, award winning step-down transition programs for clients completing our Primary Residential Program, as well as for young adults transferring from other primary treatment programs.

A bridge to the new you

Benchmark’s transitional living program is unique in the industry, providing the comprehensive clinical support, life skills, education and vocational guidance to help gain a new foothold in life.

Transitional Living

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Independent Living Services

independent living services young men women
Moving to independence and health

Benchmark provides a structured sober independent living environment for young adults as they transition out of Benchmark’s Residential and Transitional Living Extended Care programs.

We'll assess your needs... and get you where you need to be.

Our full range of treatment programs include Detoxification, Primary Residential Treatment, Extended Care, Transitional Living and Independent Living. While each young adult may have a specific entry point in our program, we strive for the same exit point – young adults with the skills to maintain their well-being and live independently!

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