We’re pleased to introduce our team of caring professionals.

Executive Management Team

Jayne Longnecker-Harper Benchmark Transitions
Chief Executive Officer/ Founder & Executive Director
Chief Marketing Officer/ Admissions & Outreach Certified Parent Coach (ACSTH Certified Life Coach)
Dana Drury Benchmark Transitions
Chief Financial Officer/ Finance & Purchasing
Joelle Walters Benchmark Transitions
Chief Operating Officer/ Program & Operations Certified Life Coach (ACSTH Certified Life Coach)
Darren Longnecker Benchmark Transitions
Chief Information Officer/ Technology & Facilities

Admissions & Outreach Team

Samantha Davis, BA, CADC-CAS, GI
Admissions Manager
Kristen Byrom
Professional Outreach Specialist
Elizabeth Vazquez, BA, RADT I
Admissions & Intake Coordinator

Clinical & Therapeutic Services Team

J. Stephen Maurer, M.D.
Medical Director/Psychiatrist
Michael Valdez Benchmark Transitions
Michael Valdez, M.D.
Addictions Specialist
James Herndon, PA-C
Physician's Assistant/Chemical Dependency
Judith Diaz, RN, MSN, PMHNP-BC
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Toni Meredith, MA, LMFT
Lead Clinical Therapist
Anna Rios, MA, LMFT
Lead Clinical Therapist
Tina Collins, MA, LAADC, AMFT
Therapist/Residential Treatment Programs
Mary Gibson, MA, AMFT, CADC II
Therapist/Outpatient Programs
Tessa Cosand, MS, APCC
Therapist/Outpatient Programs
Corey Thompson, MA, APCC
Jim Powell Benchmark Transitions
James Powell, Ph.D., In Memory
February 16, 1952 - January 24, 2019

Programs & Operations Team

Barbara Kimberling
Program & Compliance Director
LaToya (Toii) S. Boone, BA, CPC
Program Operations Manager
Mario Trujillo Benchmark Transitions
Mario Trujillo, MS, LAADC, CATC IV
Senior Case Manager/Residential Treatment Program
Larry Aragon, CADC II, ICADC
Case Manager
Jennifer Mendoza, CADC II
Case Manager
Anthony Gomez, CAADE
Case Manager
Walter Clark, CADC II, USMC
Case Manager
Tanya Westcott, CADC II
Case Manager/Eagala Equine Specialist
Michael Angel, Jr., CADC I
Case Manager
Michael Clements, CATC III
Case Manager/Fill In
Sean Raynor, CADC I
Recovery Specialist
Kathleen Foute, CADC II
Recovery Specialist

Residential & Transitional Living Support Team

Yvonne Spann Benchmark Transitions
Yvonne Spann
Resident Supervisor
Paul Ornelas Benchmark Transitions
Paul “Steve” Ornelas, USMC
Resident Supervisor/Certified Life Coach
Jeannette Brewer, LVN
Lead LVN/Med Tech
Michael Archie
Resident Adviser
Victor Drake Benchmark Transitions
Victor Drake
Resident Adviser
Naomi Garnica Benchmark Transitions
Naomi Garnica
Resident Adviser
Soledad Arellano
Resident Adviser
Cynthia Peele
Resident Adviser
Daniel Brewer
Resident Adviser
Katheryne Mendez
Resident Adviser
Dellyna Ochoa
Resident Adviser
Lupe Larrito
Resident Adviser
Fernando Quiroz, RADT-II
Resident Adviser / Fill-In
Joseph Marthe
Resident Adviser
Nicole Crow
Resident Advisor

Education & Careers Team

Stephanie Horn, M.Ed.
Educational Programs Coordinator
Tammy Goulet Benchmark Transitions
Tammy Brackins
Academic & Client Services Aide
Tina Stumpf Benchmark Transitions
Tina Stumpf, CADC-I
Facilities & Nutrition Services Manager/ Culinary Arts Instructor
Kenna McInerny
Equine Trainer
Megan Brittingham
Equine Trainer

Administrative & Support Services Team

Dawn Tardiff
Business Manager
Dianna Randles
Front Office Manager
Rachelle Tang
Utilization Review
Patti Rudolf
Utilization Review
Lavinia Lavai Benchmark Transitions
Lavinia Livai
Medical Biller
Valerie Anderson
Administrative Assistant
Ashley Aguirre
Administrative Assistant
Steve Vander Velden
Support Services/IT
Tom Skaggs
Facility Superintendent
Donald Harper Benchmark Transitions
Donald J. Harper
Maintenance Support Staff
Robert Wilson
Maintenance Support Staff

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