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Dellyna Ochoa, BA
Outreach & Admissions Staff
Admissions & Intake Coordinator
1-800-474-4848 x1

Clinical & Incidental Medical Services Team

Edward Alvo, MA, LMFT
Clinical Director
Margi Isaia, MS., LPCC
J. Stephen Maurer, M.D.
Medical Director/Psychiatrist
Michael Valdez, M.D.
Addictions Specialist Physician
Victor San Ramon, PA
Physician's Assistant/Chemical Dependency
Louis Lennert Qui, PNP
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Programs & Operations Team

Darren Longnecker
Operations, Technology & Facilities
Barbara Kimberling, CADCI
Program & Compliance Director
Anthony “Tony” Gomez, CADCII
Recovery Counselor
Laurel Mccrea, CADC I
Recovery Counselor
Marsh Davey, SUDRC
Recovery Counselor
Natasha Serrano, RADT
Recovery Counselor
Amanda Hernandez, RADT
Case Manager

Client Advisor Support Team

Paul “Steve” Ornelas, USMC
Client Advisor Certified Life Coach
Victor Drake
Client Advisor
Carley Brown, RADT
Client Advisor
Anthony Vega, EMT
Client Advisor/EMT
Lea Hodak, RADT
Client Advisor
Gabriel Rodriguez
Client Advisor
Deanna Flores
Client Advisor
Kayla Leach
Client Advisor
Steven Serrano
Client Advisor
Jamey Marquecho
Client Advisor
Jessica Bedwell
Client Advisor

Education & Careers Team

Tammy Brackins
Academic Aide/Coordinator
Brittany Kollar
Equine Trainer/Horsemanship Instructor
Yochi Weiss
Yoga Instructor
Ranch Dog

Administrative & Support Services Team

Tom Skaggs
Facilities Superintendent
Mike St. Clair
Systems Administrator - I
Lavinia Livai
Billing Specialist
Ronnie Armendarez
Client Advisor/Chef
Robert Wilson
Maintenance Support Staff
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