Benchmark Transitions Clients Experience the Soothing “Zone” of the BioSound® Therapy System

Benchmark Transitions has recently added the very latest innovation in addiction and behavioral health treatment to our program.  We are pleased to offer our clients BioSound® Therapy with our new Serenity Lounge.

The Serenity Lounge utilizes state of the art technology and the latest research in holistic addiction and behavioral health treatment modalities, assisting young adults with managing anxiety, stress and fear during treatment.

Benchmark’s Serenity BioLounge is a vibrational platform constructed with memory foam and an integrated audio and visual system, utilizing music and low frequency tones and beats that are synchronized to help the client relax. The frequencies and music therapy system help bring the client to a meditative state, which generally takes approximately 15 minutes.

The guided imagery selections are designed to address issues such as guilt, fear, shame and trauma associated with issues that clients are addressing during treatment. An inspirational video is played for the client to complete their session, helping to synchronize the balance of the brain, heart and nervous system, creating physiological coherence, known as “being in the zone.”

The BioSound® Therapy System is helping reduce early discharges, as well.  When a young adult is frustrated with the treatment process and threatening to leave, the Serenity Lounge provides a perfect opportunity to take a break from the stressful situation and re-group, allowing for the positive results to support ongoing treatment.

Benchmark Transitions offers the BioSound® Therapy System during the Extended Care and Transitional Living program.  Sessions can be as often as needed and will typically take place over the course of the 90 day curriculum. The BioSound® Therapy System is typically billable to insurance, helping to make this accessible to most of our clients.

Benchmark provides a comprehensive multi‐disciplinary approach to residential treatment. Our services include Detox*, Residential Treatment, Day Treatment (PHP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Transitional Living/Sober Living by Benchmark®, Independent Living Services (ILS) both on property and off property. Many of our programs can be offered either on a stand‐alone basis or combined with other services.

We also help in the transition for clients coming out of other programs such as sub‐acute detox, residential treatment centers, wilderness therapeutic programs, hospitalization and stabilization units, along with adolescents aging‐out of therapeutic boarding schools.