Benchmark Transitions® Obtains Favorable Settlement after Three Years of Litigation with Benchmark Recovery Center (f/k/a Mark Houston Recovery)

(Redlands, CA) – September 27, 2015 – Benchmark Transitions® is pleased to announce that it has obtained a favorable settlement in the lawsuit it filed in the Central District of California, Southern Division, entitled Benchmark Young Adult School, Inc. dba Benchmark Transitions (“Plaintiff”) against Launchworks Life Services, LLC dba Mark Houston Recovery Center and Benchmark Recovery Center (“Defendant”), Case No. 12-cv-2953 BAS.

Plaintiff Benchmark Transitions, a family owned business known simply by the shortened name “Benchmark,” has dedicated more than two decades to providing care and assistance in the field of addiction recovery, behavioral health, and therapeutic transitional living under the Benchmark name, brand and family of BENCHMARK trademarks.  As a result, the name, brand and family of BENCHMARK trademarks are an integral part of Benchmark Transitions’ business and goodwill.

Defendant, the former Mark Houston Recovery Center, rebranded to Benchmark Recovery Center.  Benchmark Transitions notified Defendant prior to filing the lawsuit and demanded that Defendant cease-and-desist.  Defendant refused, so Benchmark Transitions was forced to file a trademark infringement lawsuit.

Within months of trial, Defendant finally agreed to settle and cease-and-desist forever using the name “Benchmark.”  The Benchmark Transitions team is pleased with the terms of the settlement whereby Defendant will be required to rebrand under a new name.  Benchmark Transitions, of course, will continue to operate as Benchmark and will continue to be known as Benchmark – just as it has for over twenty years – in the addiction recovery services industry.

Benchmark Transitions would like to sincerely thank its legal team, our clients, their families, our dedicated staff, referral sources and colleagues.  We look forward to continuing to focus our efforts on what matters most:  improving the lives of others.

Benchmark Transitions® is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to therapeutic residential substance abuse and behavioral health treatment and transitional living for young men and women, ages 18-28.  Please contact Shelley Skaggs at or call toll free at 800-878-4848 x 3024 for admissions at Benchmark Transitions.