The Benefits of Using a Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp with Our Clients

When working with clients who have high anxiety and depression, I have found that Himalayan salt rocks have more benefits than you will find when using standard google searches. I would like to tell you about the wonderful benefits that we already know come from using this product, and the benefits that I have found as a therapist. The Himalayan salt rock lamps create a beautiful ambiance for your home, office, and any room of your facility. The rocks are known for creating a warm glow and giving a freshening of the air of the room because of the negative ions within the rocks. Negative ions occur in nature and increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, which helps with higher alertness, decrease in drowsiness, and more mental energy.

Imagine how well this can work with our clients here at Benchmark’s Residential homes. As a therapist, I have found some more benefits to using the decorative baskets filled with large crystals of salt rocks. The basket is kept warm from the light and gives a warm ambiance to the home, and when sitting in a group, there are amazing benefits that clients have shared with me. When I have a client with high anxiety, I ask them to hold the warm crystal in the palm of their hand, closing their hands together. Within a few minutes, the client reports a significant decrease in their anxiety. Another client reported that their headache disappeared while holding the rock. Each morning, my clients come in to group, grab a warm rock, and our meditation group begins with low anxiety and contentment. I also have the clients release their negative thoughts into the rock and watch how it becomes cold. Then we process how their feeling during this process.

Other benefits that are known include a decrease in allergy symptoms, lessen coughing symptoms, increases energy levels, better sleep patterns improves mood and concentration, and generally improves the air in the room. I highly recommend them for every room in your home, office, and classrooms for students.

Don’t just take our word for it; try it. You won’t be disappointed.